By Kousouni, C-K and Panagopoulou, A.

In this article, six metallic book covers of ecclesiastical books and a metallic pair of church ornaments, used
as a decorative in the church, are studied. These objects are dated in the 19th century and derive from Saint
Mavra and Timotheos Church in Zakynthos Island in Greece. Physicochemical analysis provided information,
such as the construction metals, which was brass (copper and zinc alloy) in five of them with nickel
as coating, one was made of silver along with the pair of church ornaments and specimens of enamels in various
colors (blue, green, red), in order to proceed to the collection’s conservation. Specifically, Stereo Microscope
was used in order to provide information about the microscopic features and X-ray fluorescence to
grant with both quantitative and qualitative results of the chemical composition. The conservation method
based on the results of the physicochemical analysis was decided, aqueous solutions of chemicals and pastes
were used after the proper cleaning tests, as the procedure was completed the objects were in a stable state,
protected by a varnish coating from further corrosion. The results of the study and the conservation process
are documented, providing important information about metalwork in the 19th century in Zakynthos Island
and the conservation approach.


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