By Sarantos Psycharis

Here we discuss the role of Computational Thinking (CT), Engineering Education Epistemology (EEE) ,
Computational Science Education (CSE) and the integration of Arts with STEM in education and more
generally in learning and teaching approaches and learning objectives. We present arguments from research
articles and we propose activities that support our model for Computational STEAM Pedagogy. The
purpose of the literature review is to outline research studies in the different forms of STEAM integration
and to highlight how CT, EEE, CSE and Arts can be used in this integration and what epistemology can
support this holistic approach . The main objective is to summarise what is currently known about the
STEAM approaches and to add to the existing literature with a primary model which connects EEE with the
Computational pedagogical knowledge mode. The bibliography presents materials covering theoretical
considerations around Computational Thinking, Engineering Epistemology, STEM Epistemology,
Computational Science in Education and Arts in STEAM. Literature review was conducted using several
web-based search engine tools like Web of Science, Google Scholar and open Google searches.


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