By Islam Saleh, Mohamed Abdel Hady, Abubakr Moussa, Yasser Hefni and M.L. Abd El-latif.


This research aims to determine the optimum material in the consolidation and protection of the sandstone petroglyphs at Sarabit El Khadem, Sinai, which are considered one of the most important features of ancient Egyptian civilization. For this purpose; four commercial products were used in the treatment of sandstone samples that were collected from the archeological site of Sarabit El Khadem. The properties of the treated sandstone samples were evaluated using different methods such as colourimetric measurements, static wa-ter contact angle, total immersion water absorption, compressive strength, and scanning electron micro-scope. The results demonstrated that the product of PF4 has a significant efficiency in the consolidation and protection of the sandstone samples.


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